W4ALL: MFI's strategy for UN Early Warning for All initiative
From May 24-26, MFI will be participating to an exhibition along the 19th WMO Congress and intends to present...
Final stretch of the SUS Project in Indonesia
Final sprint for the SUS Project we are achieving in Indonesia for BMKG with on official end of contract set on December 3, 2023
First Steering Committee for VIGICLIMM Project
First Steering Committee of the VIGICLIMM Project launched in Ivory Coast last February
A strategic Partnership signed with Mozambique!
MFI and INAM sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement to facilitate future collaborations in the field of meteorology and climate

News and events

4th Steering Committee for the SUS Project
BMKG and MFI's executives come together to organize the last year of realization of the SUS Project
New project in Paraguay!
MFI signs a contract with the Paraguayan Minister of Agriculture and Livestock to provide better support to local farmers
Capacity building at the heart of SUS Project
Intensive phase of training for BMKG's staff, key of the sustainability of SUS Project
MFI present at the COP27 in Egypt
Exceptional participation of MFI to a side event of the COP27 to present the W4ALL initiative
One more significant step in Indonesia!
Successful achievement of preliminary site acceptance tests for all the information systems of the SUS Project
New major contract in Ivory Coast!
New major contract in Ivory coast for the modernization of the national Met Department
Lightning Detection Network in Sumatra…
Acceptance test for lightning detection network implemented over the island of Sumatra for BMKG: done!
New quality certification for MFI!
Proud to announce that MFI has successfully passed its quality certification renewal audit!
PPE and DBO initiatives in meteorology
On Sept. 21&22, MFI organized a two-day high-level workshop on PPE-DBO initiatives in meteorology
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