Here we are: the final stretch of the SUS Project, launched 3 years ago as the second phase of the initial Strengthening Project of the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG), carried out by our teams between 2012 and 2015. The official end date of the contract is set for December 3. A year of support and warranty will then begin during which MFI will continue to be very close to BMKG to ensure the long-term viability of the entire SUS ecosystem.

🎯 So what is on the agenda for this last quarter of activity?

✅ First, the final acceptance, by BMKG, of all information systems to be provided within the project. End of September, our Data Center solution CIPS got the ball rolling and opened the way for acceptance of all expertise systems:
- SYNERGIE-WEB (forecasting)
- and EXTRAMET (extranet generator).

These systems are expected to be implemented at a national level with 33 provincial centers equipped, as well as 5 international airports. They are the cornerstone of a completely modernized forecast-production chain with the introduction of new meteorological concepts such as Digital forecast and Impact-based forecast. One more step in the direction of better protection of the Indonesian population...
The final point of this “acceptance component” will be the demonstration of the complete integration of all systems delivered within the SUS Project. Indeed, this is one of the main strong points of MFI’s approach: all our solutions work as an integrated whole, in full accordance with BMKG’s workflow for maximum efficiency.

✅ The second aspect that will keep our teams busy until December is the finalization of the very ambitious Transfer of know-how program of the SUS Project. It includes no less than 80 sessions, or approximately 900 days of training 👀 ! With sessions taking place in France and Indonesia, a mix of technical, system-oriented and thematic trainings, this program is quite an organizational challenge! It is also a crucial aspect of the project as is expected to create the conditions of its long-term sustainability.

So no doubt that no one is going to be bored during this final sprint of the SUS Project 😊! Our teams are fully committed and excited at the idea of ​​bringing the final and decisive touches to the SUS Project, which will constitute a new chapter in the long-shared history that has linked MFI and BMKG since the early 2000s.