🌴 Mid-November, we were on the beautiful Florès Island in Indonesia, to participate to the sixth and last Steering Committee of the Scaling Up Strengthening Project, we’ve been carrying out for the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) since September 2019. The objective of this ambitious project was to extend BMKG weather & climate service capabilitities in terms of time scales, geographic coverage, human activities and economic sectors addressed. Among the main deliverables of the project, the implementation of impact-based forecast and warning at "kabupaten" level (district) is a great achievement for Indonesia.

🎯 The Steering Committee was the opportunity, for both MFI and BMKG executives, to confirm that all project activities as listed in the contract are now duly achieved, including joint development activities that had been requested during Steering Committee 4, one year ago. The completion of the very ambitious capacity building program of the SUS Project was also pointed out as a great source of satisfaction: 80 training sessions, 700 trainees, 9 BMKG staff members graduated, in France, with a master’s degree in the field of Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate Sciences! These last 3 years sure have been busy and challenging 😊!

⏱ The project is now ready to move on to a different phase: starting on December the 3rd (official termination date), the contract will switch to support mode. MFI’s teams will remain alongside BMKG staff until December 2024 to make sure that all equipment and systems provided during the project are operating optimally. The idea is to assist BMKG in all possible ways to ensure the sustainability of the efforts and investments made these past three years.

🤝 As the SUS Project comes to an end, we are proud of the solid partnership we have managed to build, year after year, project after project, with BMKG teams. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with our Indonesian friends… Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa 😉!