🥰 Firsts are always a special moment… so we are very pleased to announce that we have just successfully carried out the first Factory Acceptance Test of the VIGICLIMM Project!

📝 In collaboration with our subcontractor Sterela METEO, we have welcomed 5 members of SODEXAM Côte d'Ivoire’s staff in order for them to examine and check the compliance of the 27 synoptic stations included in the project. They also followed a 5-day training regarding the maintenance of this equipment in order to ensure its sustainability once installed. The stations are now ready to be shipped to Ivory Coast. They will travel by boat for about a month, from Marseille to Abidjan.

💪🏻 The implementation of the 27 stations across the Ivorian territory will start mid-February and should be completed before the end of 2024. A significant step on the path of strengthening the surface observation network of the SODEXAM!