The Regional Association for Africa Conference is currently taking place in Addis-Ababa

Our President Patrick BENICHOU was once again invited by World Meteorological Organization to intervene in a conference dedicated to the necessary digital transformation of National Hydromet Services in order for them to better perform their duties, especially in the field of service delivery and early warning.

The event was the opportunity to present MFI’s unique approach to successfully carry out efficient and sustainable modernization projects for NMHS, based on DBO model and public-private partnership. Mr. Joao Afonso, General Director of INAMET, was there to present the project currently being achieved in Angola by MFI, as a vibrant example of the efficiency of the model.

Patrick Benichou was keen to point out the relevance of the DBO-PPE approach to take up the #EarlyWarningForAll challenge launched by United Nations and WMO in March 2022 to provide, within 5 years, early warning solutions for every single person on Earth.

MFI has come up with the #W4ALL concept that proposes to bring together advanced National Hydromet Services, global data providers and private expert companies (including those capable of ensuring the “last mile dissemination” for warnings) to provide a concrete answer to this universal challenge.

Of course, international financing mechanisms will need to be adapted to fit such an innovative approach… but when there is a will, there is a way 😊… and MFI, as already stated during #COP27 events last November, is ready and highly motivated to lead a consortium based on W4ALL principles, and involving key players in the field of risk management, such as companies like PREDICT Services. Let’s make it happen!