Our new global project in Ivory Coast is just about to start!

We announced it 3 months ago: we have signed a major contract with the SODEXAM Côte d'Ivoire to modernize its Meteorological Department within 3 years. It is now time to roll-up our sleeves and get this project moving!

📅 The first inaugural onsite mission took place in Abidjan last week of January in order to define the priorities of the VIGICLIMM Project for 2023, establishing that the completion rate should be of 20% at the end of the year. The discussions took place between MFI’s Project Management Team and executives from the SODEXAM, including Mr Daouda KONATE, Director of the Meteorological Department. The sessions were also attended by the Minister of Transport Mr Amadou kone, Mr. Michel Nikiema Pinghouinde representative of World Meteorological Organization and Mr Vince François from AFD - Agence Française de Développement in charge of the financing of the project.

🏢 MFI’s team took advantage of being onsite to consult local Ivorian companies that could collaborate with MFI for the realization of the VIGICLIMM Project, especially regarding the construction of a 2500 sqm-building intended to host the future modernized services of the Meteorological Department of SODEXAM.

🎯 So what is next? MFI’s team will be back in Ivory Coast in March to launch all project activities, select local partners and definitely put the VIGICLIMM Project on track! We are impatient to embark on this new thrilling adventure with our Ivorian partners!