An new type of training session specially designed for BMKG within the SUS Project

Training trainers 😊 : this was the subject of a 10-day training program organized in our premises these past 2 weeks for 4 staff members of the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG)!

🎯The objective of this session was to allow them to acquire new skills in the field of educational program design and facilitation, in order to apply them at BMKG’s Education & Training Center, in Jakarta.

🙏 MFI was assisted in the implementation of this training by :
- Mr. Stéphane Pétry, former forecaster at Météo-France and teacher at the Ecole nationale de la Météorologie (French National School of Meteorology - ENM).
- Mr. Thierry Lefort, Meteorological Engineer at Météo-France, specialized in tropical weather.
- Mr. Philippe Dandin, Director of ENM, who gave a tour of the school to our 4 Indonesian trainees.