Or how to provide better support to Paraguayan farmers 👨‍🌾 !

We're very pleased to announce that MFI has just signed a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Paraguay to improve its service capacity in the field of agrometeorology and related warning. The objective of the 2-year project is to provide efficient support to the peasant agriculture sector from the Eastern region of the country. It will of course be realized in close collaboration with Paraguay National Hydrometeorological Service (DHM) who will host and operate the systems delivered by MFI:

OBSMET Data collection system
CLISYS Climate data management system
METEOFACTORY Production system (EWS/PWS)

This is the second time MFI sets up such a project in South America, the first one currently being delivered in Argentina. In a context of global climate change implying strong impacts on weather-sensitive economic sectors, especially agriculture, we feel it’s our mission to come up with innovative solutions and partnerships to face the challenges of our times.