Early Warning at the heart of the PMI Project...

The PMI Project we are currently achieving for INAMET in Angola puts a strong emphasis on early warning, which is the key for better protection of people & goods. Besides a classical meteorological warning system, the PMI Project also includes the implementation of a hydrological warning system in order to prevent the country from flood risk.

Flooding is indeed a recurring natural hazard throughout Angola. These past years, floods have been devastating to the cities of Ondjiva, Luanda, Benguela, and Namibe where water inundated houses and buildings, and disrupted transportation for extended periods of time. Rural areas are also highly vulnerable to flooding as many residents live on riverbanks, leading to loss of possessions, loss of crops, and increasing the risk of water borne diseases during floods.

The hydrological warning system, implemented at INAMET’s headquarters, has just successfully passed its site acceptance tests! Based on GloFAS data from the Copernicus ECMWF Project, it will be operated in collaboration with INRH, the national agency dedicated to hydrological risk.

A significant step on the path of mitigation of weather-related hazards.