... Successfully implemented !

One more step on the path of better and wider service capacity for BMKG! Last week, as part of the SUS Project, we had the pleasure to successfully pass the acceptance test for the lightning detection network implemented over the island of Sumatra, in collaboration with our subcontractor METEORAGE. This network is composed of 9 sensors, and it completes the initial network implemented over Java, during the first global project achieved by MFI between 2012 and 2015. BMKG is now equipped with an 18-sensor lightning detection network.

True to our global and turnkey approach, the implementation of this high-end equipment came with extensive capacity building and assistance to operation services: MFI and METEORAGE have organized several training and transfer of know-how sessions in order for BMKG to soon be able to provide high-end and customized lightning information services to a variety of end-users.

🙏 A special mention:
- For our local partner Terrindo Bumi Raya who provided us with valuable support throughout the operations!
- For Agie Wandala Putra and Fachri Radjab for your trust!