Inventing new solutions to strengthen National Hydromet Services...

On September 21 and 22-2022, we had the pleasure to organize a unique 2-day workshop dedicated to PPE-DBO (Public Private Engagement - Design, Build, Operate) initiatives in meteorology. The event took place in METEO FRANCE’s International Conference Center, in Toulouse and was attended by representatives from more than 20 countries around the world. Ms Celeste Saulo, Director of SMN Argentina and Vice-President of WMO and Mr Daouda Konate, Director of Met Department of SODEXAM Côte d'Ivoire and President of WMO RA-I made us the honor to chair the 2 sessions that composed the workshop.

🎯 The objective of the event was to gather main stakeholders of the international meteorological community to exchange on PPE-DBO approaches applied to strengthening projects for national hydromet services. Are they efficient? What benefits can they bring? What are the necessary conditions to implement such approaches? What are the available financing mechanisms? The discussions were fruitful and they allowed to bring out a consensus on the relevance of the PPE-DBO model which looks like something doable and shows effective and sustainable outcome. Yet, they also pointed out the current discrepancy between this business model and current donors’ practices.

Although a lot still needs to be done to scale-up this approach, the workshop allowed to show a path and create a wide momentum… which MFI, as a pioneer in the field of integrated met projects, will be keen to pursue and develop!