👨‍🎓 Taking BMKG's staff to a higher level of skill...

Transfer of know-how and capacity building are key aspects of all the projects achieved by MFI. We consider them to be essential for the sustainability of the investments made by our customers.

The SUS Project, in Indonesia, is no exception to the rule! We are currently going through an intensive phase of training for Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) staff. For example, during the month of October alone, 7 training sessions of 10 days each were carried out, some in France and others in Indonesia. They concerned 46 people… who all expressed very positive feedback which is a great satisfaction for us!

If we look further ahead, none less than 80 sessions will be carried out before the end of 2023. Training on MFI’s systems of course (user and administrator), but also on specialized topics related to meteorology, climate services, etc. In order to provide the best possible service, MFI relies on a selection of partners chosen for their expertise in specific fields: METEO FRANCE of course, but also METEORAGE (lightning), Meteosim SL (modelization), WEATHER'​ N'​ CO (nowcasting), PREDICT Services (flood risk), etc.

Over the years, MFI has developed its ability to organize relevant training programs for its customers. Today, we have a specialized department dedicated to this crucial activity which requires a lot of organizational and logistics skills in order to provide high-quality reception conditions for our trainees, adapted training content, qualified trainers, etc. With a project like SUS, which includes a huge capacity building component, this department is not likely to be bored 😊!