🎉 We are very excited and proud to announce that we have just signed a 38 M€-contract for the global strengthening of the Meteorological Department (KMD) of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of Kuwait. The signing ceremony took place on June 5th, 2024 in Kuwait City, in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Humoud Mubarak humoud Al-Sabah, President of the DGCA, and Her Excellency Claire Le Flécher, the French Ambassador to Kuwait.

🛫This project is part of a larger initiative for the complete modernization of Kuwait City’s international airport complex for which the DGCA has enlisted the services of the Dutch engineering company DEERNS. MFI is locally represented by the company SEEDiS, part of MAPSCO - Musaed Abdullah AlSayer & Partners Company, with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of engineering and integration.

⛅ The project proposed by MFI in response to DGCA’s requirements includes the implementation of a complete and integrated information system, from the collection and management of large volumes of data to the dissemination of warnings and met information to the general public, as well as value-added products for Kuwait’s weather-sensitive economic sectors, including aviation and the oil & gas industry. Special emphasis will be put on the implementation of advanced technological solutions in the areas of early warning and modeling, particularly sandstorms, a major local problem.

👨🏻‍🎓 Beyond these high-end technical solutions, and true to its global and turnkey approach, MFI will also provide an ambitious capacity building program for DGCA teams. More than 130 weeks of training are included in the project to ensure sustainability. With the same concern for durability, the DGCA made the smart choice to plan a 4-year technical support and maintenance period at the end of the 2,5 years of completion of the contract.

💪🏻 Thanks to this global project, DGCA is about to significantly improve its warning and service capacity for better protection of the Kowaiti people, and better support to the country's mojor economic activities. By making this technological leap, DGCA is also positioning itself as a leading player on the Middle East meteorological scene, thus strengthening Kuwait's overall influence in the area.

💡 This new project reinforces MFI's status as leader in the field of modernization projects for National Hydrometeorological Services. It confirms the relevance our positioning in a world looking for efficient solutions in a context of global climate change.

🙏 We thank DGCA for their trust and we can't wait to embark on this new exciting adventure!