A Military Organization


•  Reliable observation & information systems in order to control the METOC environment of your field of operation and mitigate the consequences of severe weather conditions on your activities (implies interoperability between meteorological and oceanographic data).

Optimize the use of all ressources (equipment, weapons and soldiers) thanks to meteorological Tactical Decision Aid (TDA) tools.

Maximum level of security and confidentiality concerning all data flows in order to ensure safety and efficiency of all your operations.

Ruggedized hardware and mobile meteorological units adapted to the specific conditions in which military operations take place.


- MFI offers turnkey solutions to create comprehensive and efficient METOC military capabilities for Navy, Air Force and Army:
• Telecom & Integration systems for real time data availability and product dissemination.
• Data Center & Advanced Processing for automated or semi-automated production.
• Operational Forecasting and Climatology through expert systems recognized throughout the world.
• Production & Met briefing for pilots, soldiers, and Command Staff.
• Oceanographic and Meteorological Recognized Environmental Picture (REP) for homogeneity of operational meteorological data & products (Common Operational Picture).
• Tactical Decision Aid (TDA) for easy understanding of weather conditions and possible impact on operations.
• Turnkey approach : design, supply, implementation, training and long-term support.