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Patrick Bénichou
Our main concern: users
At a time when value of hydromet information is indisputable, at a time when climate change drives government policies more and more, the role of National Hydrometeorological Services (NHMS) is becoming critical. NMHSs are more and more under pressure to deliver timely warning and tailored weather and climate services to their users. They have to rethink their strategy, reorganize and strengthen their capacity in order to implement the meteorological value chain that will maximize value for their users in the most sustainable way.
Major donors like World Bank have already heavily invested in the process of NMHS modernization, which reflects into more and more ongoing projects. In this context, I am glad and honored that MFI was just awarded a contract by Nepal Department of Hydrometeorology aiming at strengthening its capacity in the field of weather forecasting, services to aviation, early warning and services to users.
This confirms the unique positioning of MFI in this growing market, and its willingness to be at the side of all NMHSs to help them implement their strategy and improve their service capacity. The Nepal project is just starting and is expected to deliver its capacity before the end of 2019.
The scope of this project is like the visible part of an iceberg: MFI is actually rather keen on implementing the full set of systems to secure the implementation of the whole value chain, ranging from observation to services to users, and on providing all integration and support services to guarantee sustainable operation of NMHS on the long run. Soon more news to come!
ECMWF Hackaton 2018:
MFI was there!
ECMWF Hackaton 2018: MFI was there!
Last June, the ECMWF (European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast) organized a hackaton weekend to develop innovative climate data applications. More than 90 developers and other data enthusiasts gathered in order to test the capabilities of the new Climate Data Store (CDS) developed by Copernicus (European Earth observation program).
With access to a huge variety of climate data, the participants were invited to think out of the box and explore how this data can be used to solve climate change challenges. Jean-Sébastien Cases, our VP Sales & Marketing, attended the 24-hour competition as member of the jury. An inspiring experience and an open window on innovation in the field of climate services.
As an active member of the PROMETEO association, MFI will be participating to a symposium organized by Business France in Abu Dhabi. It will bring together the directors of the National Meteorological Services of the Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman). Objective: forge new business relationships for future common projects.
The National Meteorological Service of Argentina
is reaching out to its end-users!
The National Meteorological Service of Argentina is reaching out to its end-users!
MFI has been collaborating with the Argentinian National Meteorological Service since the beginning of 2017, in the frame of a project dedicated to provide the service with our Early Warning & Public Weather Services system: METEOFACTORY®. Objectives of the project: raise the public profile of the organization, improve the quality of its warning and establish an ambitious applied production program for major economic sectors.

While 2017 was mainly devoted to onsite surveys and configuration of the technical platform meant to underlie the implementation of METEOFACTORY®, 2018 is more orientated towards system installation in Buenos Aires, and a comprehensive program of transfer of knowhow. The staff of the Argentinian National Met Service has followed two types of training: professional training on digital forecast given by experts from Météo-France,
and more technical sessions about METEOFACTORY® itself (administration, met product design, extranet management, etc.).

The focus is now being put on finalized production and services to end-users. The Argentinian met service has selected two targets to be addressed in priority: an association of 2000 farmers expecting a dedicated extranet that will provide them with valuable meteorological information to optimize their agricultural activities; and the organizers of the Youth Olympic Games that will take place in Buenos Aires in October. An excellent trial run for the Argentinian met service that will be in capacity to make the most out of its brand new METEOFACTORY®! MFI will be right beside them as our Applied Meteorology expert will be in Buenos Aires at that time to make sure everything goes smoothly.
And the GWE
continues to thrive...
In our last edition, we told you about our CEO being among the happy few to attend the inaugural seminar of what is now referred to as the GWE, standing for Global Weather Enterprise.
This happened in Washington, in November 2017. Called on the initiative of the World Bank, the seminar regrouped representatives from the public, academic and private sectors. Objective: rethink the traditional meteorological value chain and imagine new forms of cooperation and innovative business models in order to develop the tools to provide people and society with access to high quality and actionable information to mitigate the threat of hydrometeorological hazards. Since then, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO),
And the GWE continues to thrive...
the Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry (HMEI), and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) of the World Bank Group have combined forces in order for the concept of the GWE to make its way and become a reality. One of the first outcomes has been the creation of an independent GWE forum to facilitate dialogue among all stakeholders.
This GWE Forum gathered for the first time last April, in Singapore, during the InterMet Asia exhibition and will gather again in Amsterdam, in October, during the Meteorological Technology World Expo. Patrick Bénichou, MFI's CEO, will of course be participating to these structuring events, aiming at strengthening the resilience of our societies to climate change.
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