MFI - METEO FRANCE INTERNATIONAL - 1st Quarter 2018 Newsletter
Patrick Benichou
2018: When confidence in the future meets trust from our customers
On behalf of Meteo France International, I am pleased to convey my best wishes to all, and renew our commitment to assist all those in meteorology who are embarking in a process of modernization. MFI is coming with fresh web-based technical solutions, which comply with the highest standards and new concepts in meteorology, warning, data processing and climate services.
I also confirm our strong ambitions for next decade, which is expected to bring growth and development to our company. At a time when modernizing NMHSs warning and service capacity has become a must, we at MFI are confident in the future, and fully appreciate the trust and desire of partnership from our customers. The SIMACS Project in Iran, signed just before our New Year, fully reflects this strategy. More than ever, MFI is your partner and is ready to seek with you the best way of implementing partnership and creating value on the long run. MFI is just… With You for Weather
InterMET Asia
We will be participating to the 5th edition of InterMET Asia that will bring together the global weather and climate industry with those, in the public and private sectors, seeking to mitigate and manage the risks of extreme weather and climate change.
Come and visit us on stand B35!
Imagine a world where public and private sectors would come together to overcome the dramatic effects of hydrometeorological hazards and create the conditions for a sustainable economic growth for all citizens around the world.
While it may seem idealistic to some, others are actively working on the concept, which is increasingly referred to as the Global Weather Enterprise (GWE). Last November, MFI’s CEO, Patrick Benichou, had the honor to be among the happy few to attend a seminar on the subject, in Washington. Called on the initiative of the World Bank, the seminar regrouped representatives from the public, academic and private sectors, in order for them to rethink the traditional meteorological value chain and imagine new forms of cooperation, new business models and new partnerships. In a world subject to climate change where all activities are becoming increasingly weather-sensitive, no doubt that we will be hearing more and more about the GWE in the years to come.
A new information system for the French Armed Forces
In the frame of an industrial consortium led by AIRBUS Defence & Space, MFI is involved in an ambitious project named GEODE 4D. Its objective is to provide the French Armed Forces with an integrated solution for processing and making the most out of GEOMETOC data (Geography, Hydrography, Oceanography and Meteorology).
The highly interoperable system will provide all military authorities (Army, Navy and Air Force) with a dynamic and accurate overview of the environmental situation of their fields of intervention. This “living” digital map will be a decisive asset to detect potential threats and adapt military operations consequently.
Within the GEODE 4D project, MFI is responsible for the design, the development and the implementation of the joint METOC operational system called OMIA (Outil METOC Inter Armées). A team of about 15 people is fully dedicated to the project and currently finalizing the design phase.
MFI’s leading forecasting system SYNERGIE-WEB is the cornerstone of the proposed solution, while specific features are being developed to match the needs of the French Armed Forces.
With the GEODE 4D project, MFI is pleased to strengthen its position as a major player on the military scene, proving its capacity to bring decisive decision-aid tools to Armed Forces worldwide.
MFI signs deal with the Iranian national met service
MFI signs deal with the Iranian national met service
MFI has a long history with Iran, especially with IRIMO (I.R. of Iran Meteorological Organization, under supervision of MRUD, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development). In January 2016, this long-lasting relationship had resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two parties in order to pave the way for an ambitious multi-phased joint project named SIMACS, standing for Strengthening IRIMO Meteorological Alerts and Climate Services.
This project has now become reality with the signature, on December 18, 2017, of a contract that allows effective launch of an initial phase of the project, on MRUD budget. This first phase will strengthen forecasting and warning capacity on a national scale with the implementation of 60 SYNERGIE-WEB forecasting positions and 35 METEOFACTORY® end user production and early warning positions, in various sites across the country (national center, disaster recovery center, provinces, specialized centers and training center). It will also improve air navigation safety through modernization of meteorological services to Aviation:
30 airports will be equipped with state-of-the-art AEROMETWEB pilot briefing systems.
Ministry of Road and Urban Development strongly supports the wider SIMACS initiative, which is expected to bring IRIMO to the highest standards in the next three years. Timely multi-hazard warnings and effective socio-economic benefits through tailored services to weather and climate sensitive sectors will be amongst the main outcomes of the project. Météo-France will also play a key role in transferring knowledge and experience to IRIMO.
Signed deal on SIMACS Project is a significant contribution to the Plan of Actions for Environment and implementation of Paris Agreement, signed in Tehran in August 2016 between France and I.R. of Iran by Ms. Royal, French Minister of Environment, and Ms. Ebtekar, Vice President of the I.R. of Iran and Head of Department of Environment.
Rehabilitation and development of Haiti’s met service
The project is moving right along!
In May 2017, the World Meteorological Organization awarded a contract to MFI for the rehabilitation and the development of Haiti’s national hydrometeorological service (UHM), severely damaged by recent natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane). The contract came into force in September 2017 and is expected to be completed within a year, followed by a two-year support and assistance mission.
Improved forecasting and better safety for aviation are amongst the priorities of the project that is supposed to lay the sustainable foundations of a future modern and efficient national weather service. The scope of the project includes the supply of an Automated Airport Weather Station (AWOS) in Toussaint Louverture airport in Port-au-Prince, as well as the strengthening of UHM’s
Rehabilitation and development of Haiti’s met service
capabilities with the implementation of MFI’s following systems: OBSMET (data collection system), TRANSMET (Automated Message Switching System), SYNERGIE-WEB (forecasting workstation) and AEROMETWEB (pilot briefing).
The project has now reached its cruising speed: the preliminary design phase is completed and the detailed design is ongoing. A factory engineering process has also been launched on MFI’s premises in Toulouse to prepare all equipment before shipment and onsite installation expected for this summer. The goal is for all systems to be operational for Haiti’s next cyclonic season. In line with its turnkey approach, MFI will also provide an extensive training program to about 20 UHM staff members, as well a tailored data flow from its mother company, Météo-France.
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