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MFI’s first project in Argentina is on track
MFI’s first project in Argentina is on track
In December 2016, MFI signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Meteorological Service of Argentina, in partnership with Météo-France, in order to set a frame for future collaborations. These were not long to come since a first contract was signed a few days later for MFI to provide its Early Warning & Public Weather Services system: METEOFACTORY®.
With this project, Argentina’s met service has set several challenging goals: raise its public profile, improve the quality of its warnings and establish an ambitious applied production program for 6 major economic fields (agriculture, energy, marine, transportation, tourism and medias).
The first phase of the project mainly consisted in better understanding the organization and the technical environment of Argentina’s met service. Therefore, MFI’s experts carried out several onsite surveys meeting local staff, visiting their facilities and observing their work methods. A specific workshop was also organized with representatives of the agricultural and the marine sectors in order to fully grasp the expectations of these end-users in terms of services and products provided by the national met service.
The project is now entering a more operational phase with the assembly, on MFI’s premises in Toulouse, of the technical platform that will underlie the implementation of METEOFACTORY®. Factory acceptance tests as well as training are planned for September, while shipment of all equipment and onsite installation are expected before the end of 2017.
Please come and visit us during the next edition of the Meteorological World Expo that will take place in Amsterdam from October the 10th till the 12th.

Our team will be waiting for you on stand 9025!
MFI in India
As an active member of the PROMETEO organization, MFI participated last June to a symposium held by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) and organized in collaboration with BUSINESS FRANCE.
This event aimed at promoting French expertise and solutions in the fields of meteorology, hydrology and environment.
During the 3-day event, MFI’s sales engineers were able to meet IMD officials and representatives from the main meteorological services in the area such as Bangladesh, Bouthan, Maldives, Nepal, or Sri Lanka.
A great opportunity to sow the seeds of future collaborations.
MFI selected to carry out
the renovation of Haiti’s met service
MFI selected to carry out the renovation of Haiti’s met service
On January 12th 2010, Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7 earthquake that devastated the country. Major infrastructures, including those dedicated to weather & climate monitoring, were severely damaged.
In the aftermath of the disaster, the global meteorological community came together: Environment Canada agreed to fund a project, with the support of WMO, aiming at renovating and developing the meteorological and hydrological services of Haiti. After a selective tender process, MFI was awarded this challenging project last May. Improved forecasting and better safety for aviation are amongst the priorities of the project that is expected to lay the sustainable foundations of a future modern and efficient national weather service.
Andorra strengthens
its meteorological infrastructure
Andorra’s National Meteorological Service has recently expanded its surface observation network by acquiring new generation automatic stations. In order to be able to efficiently manage these stations along with older stations, Andorra needed to acquire a system capable of collecting data coming from an heterogeneous observation network. Andorra selected MFI’s new Data Collection System OBSMET that fully meets that demand. Andorra’s National Met Service also acquired MFI’s Climate Data Management System CLISYS in order to improve its climate monitoring.
MFI is happy to pursue a long lasting Franco-Andorran partnership since the Andorran National Met Service has been collaborating with Météo-France for years.
Andorra strengthens its meteorological infrastructure
Second collaboration with
the National Environment Agency of Singapore
Second collaboration with he National Environment Agency of Singapore
Three years after providing the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore with its OpenWIS solution, MFI is pleased to be given the opportunity to collaborate once again with the Singaporean met services. Indeed, in partnership with its local partner WinSys, MFI has won a tender for the development and supply of a new
climate data management system that will both benefit the National Met Service and the Centre for Climate Research of Singapore. The NEA has great ambition in terms of climate services and expects a stateof-the-art solution relying on the latest technologies. MFI will thus be providing the first system on the market to comply with WMO 1131 specifications. It will allow the NEA to manage and archive all climate data and to organize an efficient production of relevant climatological reports & products. A decisive step in meeting the growing expectations of end-users.
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