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Full speed ahead!
MFI was awarded the SAAPI Project in September 2015. The aim of this 3-year project is to provide the ASECNA (Agency for Aviation Safety in Africa and Madagascar) with an integrated nowcasting and briefing solution in order for the organization to provide better meteorological assistance to aviation. The project concerns the 17 ASECNA countries in Africa and 32 sites (main airports) are to be equipped.
The first year of the project was mostly dedicated to conducting onsite surveys, along with the achievement of the SDD (System Detailed Design) document and all installation files. Several workshops were also organized in order for MFI and ASECNA’s teams to exchange on specific matters. For instance, a meeting dedicated to IT security policy was held last October in Dakar. In December, several ASECNA representatives came to Toulouse to assess the progress of the SAAPI software development plan and were able to attend demonstrations of the different systems that will compose the fully integrated solution: SYNERGIE-WEB (forecasting), TRANSMET-WEB (AMSS), AEROMET-WEB (pilot briefing) and VISUMET-WEB (public display).
But there is still work to be done and 2017 will be a busy year! Amongst the numerous tasks to be carried out: the Factory Acceptance Tests, the shipment of all equipment, the launch of the onsite training program as well as the first system installations that will continue through 2018, the closing of the project being planned for August 2018.
during the CAN 2017 in Gabon!
The Saapi solution tested
The 2017 edition of the National African Football Cup (CAN) is taking place in Gabon from January the 14th until February the 5th. MFI, in collaboration with Météo-France, assisted ASECNA’s teams providing meteorological assistance for the event. A wonderful opportunity to test the SAAPI solution before its operational implementation. Thanks to the web-architecture of the system, ASECNA‘s forecasters, working from their Libreville office, were able to remotely access to the servers still in preparation in France. The opportunity for them to start getting acquainted with the solution and feel the great potential of SYNERGIE-WEB in terms of nowcasting and forecasting.
Vanuatu: Phase 1 completed!
Beginning of 2016, MFI was awarded a contract by Vanuatu’s Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department to strengthen its forecasting capacity with the supply of 2 SYNERGIE workstations, but also improve its Early Warning and Public Weather Services with the implementation of a METEOFACTORY® license. The first phase of the project consisted in supplying and installing the SYNERGIE solution. It is done! The second phase of the project dealing with METEOFACTORY® should be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2017.
Vanuatu: Phase 1 completed!
Jean Sébastien CasesAfter 15 years of dedicated and loyal services, Mr. Michel Pousse has decided to leave MFI to devote himself to a more personal project. Sales Director and Vice-President of the company since its creation in 2002, he will remain as one of the pioneers that made MFI the leading company it is today. His replacement was natural: Mr. Jean Sébastien Cases, his right-arm man since the beginning, has logically been chosen to take over his position starting January 2017. We wish him success in his new responsibilities.
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MFI goes west!
Signature of a cooperation agreement in Argentina, in presence of Mr. Hector Lostri (Secretary of State), Dr Celeste Saulo (Director of the National Meteorological Service of Argentina) and Mr. Michel Pousse (Vice-President of MFI).
As our name indicates, MFI’s activity is international. Since our creation in 2002, we have been continuously expanding our field of intervention and branching out to new territories. In 2015, we decided to explore the Latin American continent and started a long marketing campaign over there. We started harvesting the fruit of our labor mid-2016 with the signatures of several significant cooperation agreements: in July, MFI signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bolivian Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAyA) and the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (SENAMHI).
A similar agreement was signed in December with the Civil Aviation Directorate of Paraguay, which is the supervising body of the National Meteorological Service. And a third agreement was signed on December the 5th
between MFI, Météo-France and the National Meteorological Service of Argentina.
The effectiveness of these agreements has already proven itself as the National Meteorological Service of Argentina has just placed an order to implement the first phase of its modernizing project with the acquisition of MFI’s PWS / EWS (Public Weather Service / Early Warning System) solution, METEOFACTORY®. The objective of this first phase is to allow the Argentinian Met Service to provide better service to the main economic sectors of the country such as agriculture, energy, marine, transportation, tourism and media. With this order, MFI is happy to add the 110th name to its list of countries… And we are optimistic to see this list continue to grow very soon as promising contacts are currently being taken in other Latin American countries.
A new major military reference for MFI
French Armed Forces
Five years after winning a major contract for the implementation of an expert meteorological visualization capability for NATO (VISME project), MFI is happy to enjoy a new success in the military field. Indeed, late in 2016, MFI, in the frame of a consortium led by Airbus Defence & Space, was awarded the contract of the SYSENV / GEODE 4D project, launched by the French defence procurement agency (DGA).
The project aims at providing the French armed forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) with an integrated solution for the processing of all environmental data (Geography, Hydrography, Oceanography and Meteorology). The system will have the capacity to store, process and display all types of data, as well as generate maps, charts and all necessary tactical decision-aid products. It will provide the military staff with a dynamic and accurate overview of their fields of intervention thereby contributing to optimize the efficiency of their operations.
It will also be one of the very first systems bringing operational implementation of the REP Concept from NATO (Recognized Environmental Picture) defined as the controlled information basis for GeoMetoc data. Within the consortium selected by the DGA, MFI is responsible for the design and implementation of the METOC operational system called OMIA (Outil METOC Inter-Armées). The solution will be developed on the basis of MFI’s leading forecasting system, SYNERGIE-WEB. The development plan represents 6000 man-day, to be achieved in 18 months.
A human and technical challenge that will allow MFI to come up with the only integrated METOC solution on the market, tackling all environmental issues within one single system. Of course, reflections are already underway to conceive an exportable version of the solution for MFI to propose a military solution throughout the world.
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