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ANGOLA: reforzar las habilidades, una prioridad, a pesar del COVID - 26/03/2021

Como la crisis de COVID aún nos impide viajar, MFI e INAMET redoblan sus esfuerzos para encontrar soluciones alternativas y asegurar que el proyecto de fortalecimiento del INAMET pueda seguir avanzando. Las sesiones de formación a distancia son una de las medidas que se toman para permitir la continuidad de las actividades.

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El poder de las imágenes! - 30/10/2020

Despite the COVID crisis, the ambitious modernization project we have engaged with the Angolan National Met Service (INAMET) is moving right along.
Check out the wall of screens (8 of them, 55 inches!) we will be sending to Luanda very soon.

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Our CEO tells WMO about MFI's unique DBO approach - 08/06/2020

Since its foundation, MFI has chosen a unique positioning: working hand in hand with NHMS to assist them strengthening their capacities. Over the years, we've developed a unique methodology based on a "DBO approach" meant to increase value creation at each step of the met value chain. Today, we are honored to have been asked by WMO to expose our strategy and its key concepts in an extensive article published on WMO's website.

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- 18/03/2020

- 13/12/2019

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New innovative project in Argentina! - 26/09/2019

Ministry of Agriculture, Breeding and Fisheries of Argentina signs a contract with MFI to implement an innovative joint agro-climate monitoring solution with National Met Service

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Our forecasting solution SYNERGIE-WEB now running in Malawi! - 25/09/2019

- 13/09/2019

SAAPI Project: 1st implementation successfully achieved! - 02/04/2019

The ASECNA (Agency for Air Safety Navigation in Africa & Madagascar) has entrusted MFI with the design and implementation of an all-in-one aviation forecast and pilot briefing solution, to be implemented in 17 countries and 32 sites...

Nuevo contrato en Nepal! - 15/09/2018

Tras una licitación del Banco Mundial, se otorgó a la IMF un contrato para fortalecer la capacidad de pronóstico y producción del Departamento Nacional de Hidrología y Meteorología de Nepal.

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