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Noticias y eventos

MFi's latest newsletter is out!

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Meteorological Technology World Expo 2013
Meteo France International, world leader in design and implementation of turn-key strengthening projects in meteorology, is pleased to welcome you and discuss about Your projects at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2013

Meteorological Technology World Expo 2013
Brussels - Belgium
15, 16, 17 October 2013

Booth #7005

At this occasion you will discover our exclusive and modular range of systems, solutions and services answering the expectations of Civil and Military Meteorological Services worldwide.

Met World Expo 2013 will also be the opportunity to discover our new Long-Term Support Services and our new offer for oil and gas off-shore activities.

You are warmly invited to visit us and exchange on your projects in the new context of WIGOS, WIS, PWS, EWS and GFCS implementation.

4L Trophy
Each year, more than 1,200 crew embark on a journey of over 6000 km through France, Spain and Morocco to bring tons of school supplies for Moroccan schools in a difficult position. One part is given to the Moroccan League for the Protection of Children in Fez and the other part is distributed in schools along the route.

The raid is only open to students aged 18 to 28 years and the only vehicles allowed are the Renault 4L. The race consists of various stages around the dunes of Merzouga and the Atlas.

The 4L Trophy is not a race but an orienteering. The 4L Trophy is a raid that allows the implementation of many initiatives with partners such as children's education and school construction. The 4L Trophy is the first European event sports humanitarian purposes.

Thus, for the second time, MFI participated in the project of two students of Mechanical Engineering at IUT Toulouse, funding an advertisement on their car.

Congratulations to them!

Renewal of ISO9001 Certification

At the end of the renewal audit, our ISO 9001: 2008 certification has been extended for a period of 3 years.

AFNOR Certification certifies that the management system implemented by Meteo France International for the Engineering, Design, Implementation and Integration of projects in meteorology worldwide has been assessed and found to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008.

MFI in Mexico on April 3th and 4th, 2013
MFI participates to the next Meteorological Regional Seminar in Mexico on April 3th and 4th, 2013, organized by Ubifrance and Prometeo.

Meteo France International wishes you a very happy New Year 2013!

MFI Newsletter October 2012
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Meteorology Technology World Expo 2012
Meteo France International, architect and integrator of your turn-key modernization projects in meteorology, is pleased to welcome you at

Meteorological Technology World Expo 2012
Brussels - Belgium
16-18 October 2012

Booth #6060

At this occasion you will discover our exclusive and modular range of solutions answering the National Meteorological Services expectations.
You are warmly invited to visit us and exchange on your own modernization or upgrade projects in the new context of WIGOS, WIS, PWS, EWS and GFCS implementation.

MFI movie!
Discover MFI movie, made at the occasion of its 10 years!

Please click on this link:

Meteo France International celebrates its 10 years!
Meteo France International (MFI), a subsidiary of Private Law of the Public Establishment Météo-France (67%) and Egis Avia, celebrates its 10th anniversary at The Space City Thursday, June 7, 2012.

This SME from Toulouse, of 40 people, located in Basso-Cambo, specializes in designing and conducting projects to modernize the national meteorological services, primarily in emerging and growing steadily. Ten years after its creation, MFI has realized over 300 contracts in 103 countries. Among his many references MFI has led several projects to modernize comprehensive weather service in Qatar, Egypt and India. MFI has also signed a major contract in late 2011 to modernize the Indonesian meteorological service and develop its capacity to service users, through a substantial transfer of Meteo-France know-how and solutions.

Meteo France International has just signed its biggest contract ever
This contract signed in Jakarta on September 30, 2011 aims at modernizing the Indonesian National Meteorological Service (Meteorological Climatological and Geophysical Agency, BMKG). This project will allow the Indonesian Agency to strengthen its core infrastructure and service capacity in the next 3 years, and be in a position to supply Indonesian people and main economic sectors of the country, with timely warnings and reliable added-value meteorological information.

Through this contract Meteo France International strengthens its unique strategic positioning as leading meteorological integrator. Almost 10 years after its creation, MFI has launched nearly 300 projects in 102 countries.

The project involves the implementation of an infrastructure for weather observation systems in 33 Indonesian provinces (including lightning detection network over Java island), as well as data processing and PWS (Public Weather Services) systems in the headquarters in Jakarta and in five regional centers covering all major meteorological Indonesian regions: Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya (western New Guinea).

A significant component (and key success factor) of the Project will come in the form of support services including but not limited to transfer of know how from Météo-France experience and expertise, change management, system integration and technical support.

This unique project is expected to bring the Indonesian National Meteorological Service to highest world standards, for the benefit of the people of Indonesia.

Varsamana Project booklet on line
Discover the online booklet of India Varsamana strengthening Project !

The booklet is also available from the page "Our references".

METEOHYDEX 2011: 23-25 May 2011
We warmly thank you for visiting us at our booth in Meteohydex 2011 in Geneva last May.

We enjoyed meeting and informing so many of you there.

We remain at your entire disposal for any information.

See you soon

METEOHYDEX 2011: 23-25 May 2011
Meteo France International, architect and integrator of your turn-key modernization projects, will participate to the next

16th World Meteorological Congress
Geneva - Switzerland
16-21 May 2011

METEOHYDEX 2011 - Booth L12
CICG Geneva - Switzerland
23-25 May 2011

At this occasion you will discover new worlds through our three exclusive and modular ranges of information systems answering the National Meteorological Services expectations.
We will be also very happy to demonstrate our unique commitment on WIS along with leading NMS, through the OpenWIS® software developed in partnership with France, United Kingdom, Korea and Australia NMSs.

You are warmly invited to visit us on OpenWIS® demo (19-21 May) and on MFI booth L12 (23-25 May) and exchange on your own modernization or upgrade projects in the new context of WIS implementation.

Get on our flying carpet to find our booth in Geneva!

ASECNA: Signature of a Partnership Agreement with MFI
During the 1st Symposium on Meteorological Support to Air Navigation in Africa and Indian Ocean areas, which was held in Cotonou, Benin in last November, MFI and ASECNA signed a 5-year partnership agreement.

Through this convention, MFI commits to bring to ASECNA a full support through appropriate  know-how and solutions of Météo-France in order to improve the quality of meteorological support services to Air Navigation.

Life at MFI

MFI strengthens its Human Resources with the arrival of Stéphane Bigot, Software Developer, Loïc Giacomoni, Project Manager and Christelle Michel, Sales Engineer.

CBS, Windhoek: 1st demo of OpenWIS®

MFI has very early decided to invest on the coming of WMO Information System WIS, especially since 2009 through its participation in a unique public-private partnership with 4 main NMS's (France, United Kingdom, South Korea and Australia).
This consortium is delivering a full WIS-compliant opensource solution named OpenWIS®.

MFI has encapsulated OpenWIS® into a software suite WISMet® ensuring seamless integration to MFI core systems (message switching system Transmet, Central Information System CIPS, Climate Data Base Management System CliSys), so that MFI system range will then offer to NMS a complete set of 100% WIS compliant solutions for NMS allowing them to play the role they want to within WIS world: NC, DCPC or GISC.

During Extraordinary CBS session held in Windhoek in last November, MFI and its partners gave a successful demonstration of OpenWIS® concept and software, as well of effective integration with CIPS and CliSys systems.

Last awards for MFI
MFI has signed with the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology of Cambodia, a contract for the supply of an S-band doppler weather radar covering the Kingdom and a forecasting and meteorological warning center.

On January 21st 2011 MFI has signed with the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology of Cambodia, a contract for the supply of an S-band doppler weather radar covering the Kingdom and a forecasting and meteorological warning center. This project will be implemented in partnership with SELEX Gematronik.

Last awards for MFI
Luxembourg Airport Administration chose CliSys

Luxembourg Airport Administration strengthened its long term cooperation with MFI by chosing the leading System CliSys, as its Climate Data Base Management System. The implementation of CliSys will allow Luxembourg to secure its climate history and to use an advanced, reliable and powerful climatological production tool.

Best wishes 2011
Meteo France International wishes you a very happy new year for 2011!

You can copy and paste this link in your browser to visualize our natural inspiration animation:

CBS Windhoek 17 - 24 Nov. 2010
Meteo France International, architect and integrator of all your turn-key modernization projects, will participate to the next

WMO - Commission for Basic Systems
Windhoek - Namibia
17 - 24 Nov. 2010

At this occasion we will be very happy to demonstrate the OpenWIS® software developed in partnership with France, UK, Korea and Australia NMSs.
MFI proposes turn-key projects based on OpenWIS® layer and its core systems (AMSS, CIPS-CliSys Data Centre) to reach WIS compliance at no risk.

You are warmly invited to visit us (either on MFI booth or OpenWIS® demonstration pad) and exchange on your own modernization or upgrade projects in the new context of WIS implementation.

More information about MFI, our innovative systems and exclusive positioning at

See you in Windhoek!

IMD inaugurates its Public Weather Services systems

In June 2008, IMD (India Meteorological Department) was signing with MFI a major contract for modernisation of its core meteorological information systems.

After months of meetings, surveys, factory configurations, hardware transportations, site installations, and trainings, IMD organized in May 2010 the official inauguration of its new PWS capabilities with Shri Prithviraj Chavan, Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences.

To facilitate this important modernization process ahead of systems issues, IMD benefited from several consultancies from Météo-France experts in order to renew its Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) in Forecasting, Warnings and PWS.

1 project, 47 countries

In the frame of the AMESD program (African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development), TELESPAZIO, together with Meteo France International, provided the upgraded PUMA stations in more than 47 African nations.
Meteo France International supplied the SYNERGIE / Archipel system from Météo-France for visualization and preprocessing of METEOSAT EUMETSAT satellite products.

SYNERGIE software is the full tailored graphical interface for weather decision making developed and used by Météo-France. More than 200 SYNERGIE workstations are daily operated.
Fully-operational stations are delivered, installed by local partners, and provided with a 3-year warranty.

IMD presents its  Central Information and Processing System (CIPS) and new National Weather Forecasting Center

Delhi, 25 August 2010, Dr Shailesh Nayak, Secretary of Ministry of Earth Sciences, inaugurated new technical capability of India Meteorological Department (IMD) at Delhi HQ;

As a matter of fact this event, which anticipates full inauguration of Varsamana project, intended to focus on two major achievements:

Central Information & Processing System (CIPS)
This system is the core of the modernized IMD distributed Information systems. It was commissioned early July 2010, and is now operational: it provides full Meteorological Data Management capacity for Government of India, and its open environment enables IMD to schedule tasks leading to new data relevant to Forecasting and Production.

National Weather Forecasting Centre:
Thanks to unique and configurable SYNERGIE platforms, such centre now gathers in a  newly refurbished open space all working positions related to weather forecasting and warnings, as well as end users production (based on MeteoFactory®) under national responsibility.
SYNERGIE is operational since March 2010 in 12 locations over India.

IMD ready for Commonwealth Games weather assistance with MeteoFactory®

One of the first visible outputs of the VARSAMANA Project for IMD is the ability, thanks to the MeteoFactory® system installed in the RMC Delhi, to issue daily relevant weather products during the international sports competition.

Dedicated to various end-users (organisation committee, hotels, general public, athletes), the final products will be disseminated automatically from IMD Regional Met Center of Delhi.

MFI, your WIS partner
WMO Information System (WIS) is now coming true: new roles such as GISC (Global Information System Centres), DCPC (Data Collection and Production Centres), NC (National Centres) are currently being assigned to all NMSs depending on their application, as well as current and future capability.

As an example, application to DCPC position will help you secure a National Weather and Climate Centre for the benefit of the research community and governmental organizations.

Meteo France International is playing a key role in the implementation of WIS concept worldwide:

MFI is a core funder of the OpenWIS® Alliance (MF, MFI, UKMO, KMA, BoM), a unique public/private partnership aiming to develop and deliver an open source system (OpenWIS®) bringing compliance to WIS requirements to NCs, DCPCs, and GISCs.

MFI is developing a unique end-to-end WIS solution based on integration  of its core systems (Transmet, CIPS, CliSys) and OpenWIS® software (renamed WISMet® when fully integrated with MFI systems).

Launching WIS compliance projects in active NMSs is a unique opportunity to review and upgrade their Meteorological Information System. MFI has set a dedicated «WIS team» who is both involved in the joint development of OpenWIS® and in effective implementation of WIS projects abroad.

RETIM5G: Deployment of the new data broadcasting system from Météo-France

Météo-France has decided to upgrade its old RETIM2000 data flow, available for its domestic needs but also for a large number of foreign meteorological services.

The new RETIM5G dataflow is fully operational since the beginning of June and the old RETIM2000 flow has been stopped on August 18, 2010.

The new dissemination is using the satellite transmission solution of EUMETSAT EUMETCast.

Meteo France International has assisted Météo-France with the international part of this upgrade by proposing to all RETIM users except France a packaged solution including equipment and reception software.
Not least than 32 countries acquired the new RETIM5G and all systems were deployed with the active involvement of Meteo France International and its technical support team within 6 months.

EGYPT: Installation of 33 AWS in the Nile Valley

Beginning of August, MFI and its local technical partner (ENVIMET) has completed the installation the Automatic Weather Station network composed of 33 stations (15 new and 18 upgraded).

All stations are equipped with the same observation computer with COBALT software, and are concentrated each hour at EMA HQ premises in Cairo thanks to OBSNET concentrator.

These last installations complete the NEMOS project by making automatically available all observation data to the information systems of EMA.

Life at MFI...
ISO9001: 2008 - Certified!

Meteo France International has received with honors at the end of 2009 the ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate issued by AFNOR Certification and valid for three years. It is a major milestone for MFI and especially the consecration of a significant collective effort aiming to establish quality processes already implemented and strengthen them.
The road of Quality is now open and we are only just beginning, towards a goal of continuous improvement.


31 August - 02 September 2010:
Exhibition on METEOREX 2010 in Helsinki, Finland.
27 September - 01 October 2010:
Presentation of Synergie-PUMA solution during 9th EUMETSAT User Forum in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
19 - 21 November 2010:
Demonstration of OpenWIS solution and interfacing with MFI systems during CBS, Windhoek, Namibia.

Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) has just entrusted Meteo France International two new projects for supplying meteorological information systems.

The first one includes the supply of a Central Information and Processing System (CIPS), the second one aims to equip the Nairobi International Airport, Jomo Kenyatta, with a pre-flight plan system and satellite images reception.

The CIPS delivered to KMD enable them to run their own limited-area models (WRF,...) on the provided cluster hardware. The models will be able to compute several times a day.

The CIPS will also serve as Data Center. It will enable KMD to store in a large data base all these meteorological data, conventional and unconventional, and to make them available through a smart catalog.

This system announces WIS.
It will indeed support the candidature of Kenya to the DCPC status in the frame of WIS Program. This application will be considered in Windhoek at the CBS in November.
Kenya, as other countries, has chosen to establish a partnership with MFI for supporting its application at the DCPC status.

Latest awards for Meteo France International
Swazimet has entrusted MFI with the delivery of a new phase of its modernization by upgrading PWS and Climatology software solutions installed by the French company a few years ago.

This project consists in supplying to Swazimet a new version of MeteoFactory®.
This new version equipped with innovative features helped particularly Swazimet to play an active role in providing weather forecasts to hotel resorts during the 2010 Football World Cup, held last summer in South Africa and Swaziland.
The system has also been linked to Météorage CATS software to enable Swazimet to create lightning warnings from MeteoFactory®.
The project also includes upgrading the climatologic database, CliSys, with the latest software version, which will be made on 2011.

Meteorex Helsinki 31/08-2/09 2010
Meteo France International, architect and integrator of all your turn-key modernization projects, will participate to

Helsinki - Finland
Booth C7

At this occasion we will be very happy to exchange with you about the implementation of our two current major projects of modernization carried out in India and Egypt.

You shall also discover the development of our exclusive offer on information systems and our unique commitment along with leading National Meteorological Services on the WIS project.

You will find more information about MFI, all our innovative systems and our exclusive positioning under

See you in Helsinki!

Meteo France International will supply, for the major upgrade of PUMA workstations within the AMESD project, the integrated SYNERGIE+Archipel system based on Météo-France solutions, for preprocessing and visualization of satellite products disseminated by Eumetsat over Africa.

The new PUMA forecasting workstations all over Africa (47 countries) are now based on SYNERGIE, the full tailored graphical interface for weather decision making.

- Visualization of all EUMETCAST satellite products
- Added value functionalities as overlay, animation, zoom, tailored domains
- Ability to save and replay favourite configuration ("macros")
- Ability to archive
- Displaying and overlaying observation data, model outputs and WMO, ICAO messages

One project 47 countries:

Meteo France International
supplies for now on 95 countries with its systems worldwide.

On the screen below some samples of SYNERGIE PUMA available products. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Screen1: Natural Color product
Screen 2: Solar product
Screen 3: Airmass product
Screen 4: High Resolution Visible Cloudiness product


MFI invitado al MHEWS 2009

En Mayo de 2009, y bajo los auspicios de la OMM, el MHEWS reunió en Toulouse a expertos de Servicios Meteorológicos Nacionales, representantes de organismos de gestión de los riesgos y catástrofes, la Cruz Roja internacional, y otros diversos agentes internacionales y regionales. El objetivo era compartir experiencias fructíferas de algunos países en materia de gestión del riesgo, capitalizando, en concreto, las relaciones establecidas entre SMN y colaboradores e instituciones locales.

La presentación de Patrick Bénichou, Presidente de Meteo France International sobre el tema «The way to EWS through NHMS modernization» tuvo gran éxito.


Próximos seminarios

Como cada año, Meteo France International participará en diferentes seminarios regionales organizados bajo los auspicios de PROMETEO y UBIFRANCE.

El primero se celebrará en Argentina los días 29 y 30 de octubre y estará dirigido a los países de América Latina. El segundo está dedicado a Europa Central y los países de los Balcanes y se desarrollará en Croacia a finales de noviembre o principios de diciembre.

2009: El alza comercial
Más allá de su principal actividad de realizador de grandes proyectos de modernización, Meteo France International continúa su desarrollo comercial en 2009. Estos son algunos ejemplos simbólicos de la actividad de MFI durante los 6 primeros meses del año:

- ITALIE Trentin, un nuevo centro de previsión regional ahora equipado con la solución integrada RETIM/SYNERGIE.

- ASECNA, renovación del acuerdo de colaboración para la formación de sus futuros meteorólogos y sus formadores con MFI y la ENM (École Nationale de Météorologie).

- GEORGIA, el servicio meteorológico georgiano ha elegido, mediante licitación internacional, la herramienta SYNERGIE y el sistema de conmutación automática de mensajes TRANSMET para mejorar sus capacidades de telecomunicación y de previsión.

- BELGOCONTROL & LUXEMBURGO, los servicios meteorológicos aeronáuticos belga y luxemburgués renuevan su acceso al flujo de datos de Météo-France y refuerzan el uso operativo de Synergie por medio de una actualización y de un contrato de soporte.

- ARABIA SAUDITA, consultoría y acompañamiento, asociados a la próxima implantación del WIS (WMO Information System) por la OMM

- QATAR, contrato de soporte y renovación de la prestación de modelización atmosférica y marina a distancia (desde Météo-France Toulouse)

- LIBIA, soporte 2009 y desarrollo de capacidades sobre temas nuevos

- INDONESIA, 7 nuevos proyectos en un año, incluyendo Synergie aeronáutica, Synergie marina, sistemas de briefing Aerometweb, así como la finalización del Centro de seguimiento de ciclones (TCWC) de Den Pasar (Bali)

- IRÁN, renovación del contrato de soporte

- MARRUECOS, soporte SPV (Servicio Posventa) para Transmet y Synergie

Indonesia, un buen ejemplo de colaboración

Con una idea de continuidad, y en el marco de una cooperación a largo plazo con Francia, el BMKG ha emprendido diversos proyectos nuevos con MFI. Si bien su prioridad es la puesta en marcha de soluciones técnicas probadas, acompañada de formaciones punteras en previsión dirigidas por expertos de Météo-France, el BMKG ha seleccionado a MFI especialmente para pilotar la puesta en servicio del Tropical Cyclone Warning Center de Denpasar (Bali). Un proyecto que le permitirá al BMKG garantizar un seguimiento preciso de la actividad ciclónica en la región, difundir los productos asociados de alertas y reforzar su posición, tanto en Indonesia como a escala internacional, ante la OMM. Este proyecto ha recurrido al importante saber hacer de Météo-France en este ámbito, acumulado especialmente en el marco del centro regional de la OMM de previsión ciclónica de la Isla de la Reunión.


A través de proyectos complejos que dirige por todo el mundo, Meteo France International (MFI) transmite un valor clave que todo su personal comparte de manera natural: la satisfacción de sus clientes.

Una gama completa de servicios:

Desde este punto de vista, y con el fin de garantizarles el mejor de sus sistemas, Meteo France International ha desarrollado una gama completa de servicios de acompañamiento a largo plazo para sus clientes. Esta  «oferta SPV» (Servicio Posventa) consta de cuatro módulos complementarios:


El mantenimiento preventivo garantiza un funcionamiento óptimo del software gracias a una monitorización en remoto de los servidores y remisión de un informe que permite visualizar:

- El  rendimiento del sistema (entradas/salidas/datos tratados),

- Los eventuales errores detectados

- Los umbrales críticos establecidos

- Los niveles del sistema


El mantenimiento evolutivo asegura la continuidad del software mediante la actualización de nuevas versiones más eficaces y, a intervalos regulares, la modernización de equipos con el fin de mantener una eficacia óptima del sistema.


El mantenimiento correctivo (HotLine) tiene por objeto facilitar que los usuarios manejen correctamente el software, solventando eventuales problemas de uso que puedan afectar al funcionamiento de dicho software. La suscripción a este contrato de mantenimiento correctivo da acceso a un servicio de asistencia telefónica (hotline)


El mantenimiento y el desarrollo de los conocimientos del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional consiste en formar a los equipos del cliente, no sólo sobre el software, sino también sobre las técnicas y conceptos modernos relacionados con su trabajo (climatología, previsión,…) y con su evolución, con el fin de permitirles una mejor utilización del sistema y ganar en autonomía.


Una organización dedicada:

Creación de una unidad «SPV»

Con el objeto de garantizar un servicio de calidad, Meteo France International ha reforzado sus equipos y ha creado un polo de Servicio Posventa (SPV) cuya principal misión es hacerse cargo de las llamadas de mantenimiento correctivo. Gracias a este equipo, actualmente compuesto por cuatro personas, se aporta un primer nivel de asistencia sobre los productos y se da respuesta a todas las solicitudes relativas a los sistemas de explotación o las redes.


Según la importancia del problema encontrado, este equipo está capacitado para diagnosticar con usted el origen de dicho problema y, en caso necesario, solicitar la intervención del jefe del producto en cuestión, aportándole todos los elementos necesarios para su resolución.


Varios clientes históricos de MFI han optado ya por estos servicios SPV:

Primero, Irán, que eligió un contrato de mantenimiento preventivo para los sistemas que instaló en 2006-2007 en el marco de su proyecto piloto de modernización.


Luego, Libia, que continúa la estrecha colaboración con MFI iniciada hace más de 5 años, cuando contrató un servicio de mantenimiento completo que incluía, al mismo tiempo, mantenimiento evolutivo, preventivo y correctivo para todos los sistemas de información que se han ido instalando en el transcurso de los años y que han ido modernizando completamente el LNMC (servicio meteorológico libio).


Qatar también ha renovado su confianza en MFI a principios de Abril de 2009, una vez implementado su proyecto global de modernización, con un contrato de mantenimiento correctivo para todos los sistemas que tiene instalados (TRANSMET, CLISYS, SYNERGIE, METEOFACTORY®,…).

La BDS (Basic Design Study), documento de referencia para sus proyectos de modernización

En el marco de la ejecución de proyectos complejos de modernización meteorológica, los Servicios Meteorológicos Nacionales (SMN) necesitan estar seguros de que los sistemas que van a implementarse responderán perfectamente a todas sus necesidades funcionales.

También es importante comprobar la buena integración de los sistemas existentes con los nuevos sistemas, así como la correcta integración de las fuentes de datos existentes propiciando la evolutividad de los sistemas para integrar nuevos datos.

Por último, teniendo en cuenta las importantes evoluciones del sistema de información de la OMM, hay que procurar que los sistemas elegidos estén preparados para estas futuras evoluciones (WIS).

Este es el enfoque con el que Meteo France International ha industrializado la redacción de un documento de referencia, el Basic Design Study (BDS). Este BDS, entregado por primera vez en su nuevo formato al servicio meteorológico indio (IMD), es una obra de consultoría de más de 1.500 páginas agrupadas en 2 volúmenes y 16 fascículos.


El primer volumen presenta, para cada sistema, una descripción funcional detallada acompañada de recomendaciones de implementación (configuración, dotación de personal, organización objetivo) en el país en cuestión. Además, las necesidades específicas del SMN se tienen en cuenta en el momento de los «site survey» dedicados realizados en la fase inicial, siendo luego integradas en el BDS.

El segundo volumen da la visión general relativa al proyecto en esquema de flow (« workflow ») y refleja igualmente todas las relaciones pertinentes entre los componentes (nuevos o existentes) del SMN modernizado. Es el garante de la correcta integración de los sistemas de MFI, tanto con los sistemas existentes, como con los flujos de datos locales o facilitados por Météo-France...

Estos documentos, piedra angular del éxito de tales proyectos, son completados al final de la ejecución por el conjunto de dosieres «as-built», con objeto de explicitar claramente lo que se ha instalado, facilitar la depuración e integrar fácilmente nuevos datos en los sistemas.

MeteoFactory®: La solución Public Weather Services evoluciona

Nueva interfaz, nuevas funciones, nuevos servicios

Fortalecido por su éxito y experiencia (9 países lo han adoptado ya), MeteoFactory®, el sistema de producción acabada de MFI, se renueva y desarrolla más aún sus servicios de asistencia a los Servicios Meteorológicos Nacionales. Confirma así su posición de único sistema abierto y llave en mano que permite la implantación acompañada de una verdadera capacidad de servicios a los usuarios.


Uno de los puntos fuertes de MeteoFactory® es su capacidad de comunicación de masas multimedia: sitio web, servidor vocal, SMS, mail o fax. El formato de salida del producto se adapta en función del modo de difusión (txt para el sms, html para el sitio web, por ejemplo), pero también en función de las expectativas del usuario (pdf alta definición para la prensa, pdf multipágina o word open office para los hoteles, por ejemplo, y png en un mail para otros tipos de usuarios).


Una herramienta de producción acabada ergonómica y operativa:

- Nuevo diseño y nueva navegación para una mayor facilidad de uso y ergonomía.

- Módulo de captura de experiencia del pronosticador, optimizado con adaptación de la inicialización de la base para cada SNM, en función, especialmente, de las ediciones de modelos disponibles y de los procedimientos de trabajo existentes.

- Interfaz de administración simplificada que da a los SMNs una mayor libertad de apropiación del sistema

- Opciones de edición de textos disponibles ahora directamente en la captura de boletines técnicos.

- Creación de un nuevo proceso de producción asistido que permite, en algunos clics, crear nuevos productos a partir de un mapa geográfico dado.

- Exhibición del módulo de control de la producción para supervisar y gestionar la generación y la difusión de los productos MeteoFactory®

- Nuevos diseños para facilitar la actualización y la creación de los productos acabados, tales como los componentes (mapas, tablas,…), la biblioteca de imágenes, las categorías de productos, e incluso los centros de producción.


Un acompañamiento completo y personalizado:

El «site survey»:                         

La implantación de una MeteoFactory® en un Servicio Meteorológico Nacional comienza por una misión de experto en el emplazamiento, con el fin de analizar la organización y la producción existente y proponer una primera definición del sistema objetivo (definición de parámetros, de zonas especializadas, de usuarios prioritarios, de primeros productos asociados y de modos de difusión).

La formación:

Los cursos de formación para la utilización de MeteoFactory®, segmentados por perfiles de usuarios (pronosticadores, productores, creadores de productos y administradores), se desarrollan simultáneamente, lo que le permite a cada uno comprender mejor su función en la cadena de producción, al tiempo que trabaja en colaboración con los otros perfiles para una mejor visión de conjunto.

El acompañamiento operativo:

Esta misión en el emplazamiento tiene lugar después de los cursos de formación y está encaminada a acompañar a la puesta en operación de la MeteoFactory® en los equipos de previsión y de producción. Tiene por objeto validar la organización operativa, comprobar la coherencia entre las horas de captura de experiencia y los plazos de producción, y finalizar y validar los productos prioritarios.

Esta misión también le permite al Servicio Meteorológico Nacional iniciar, con la asistencia del experto de MFI, sus primeros contactos con los usuarios finales.

Por último, gracias a los servicios de acompañamiento de MFI, el SMN puede contar con una transición suave hacia un enfoque orientado al cliente.

India: Significant progress of capacity building component of MIMOSA/VARSAMANA project
MFI has welcomed in March and April the first groups of IMD trainees and FAT inspectors in Toulouse...
In figures : 14 IMD trainees (telecom engineers and head forecasters) coming from 8 Regional Met Centers, 52 man/week of training, more than 15 experts from MFI and Météo-France called up

A three-week training on TRANSMET Automatic Message Switching System was held in Meteo France International premises for 4 IMD telecom engineers from March 9th to March 27th, 2009.
Almost meanwhile (from March 16th to April 10th), a group of 10 IMD head forecasters from head quarter and various Regional Meteorological Centers came in Toulouse. During their long stay, they attended a two-week forecasting user training on SYNERGIE in order to get familiar with their new forecasting tool, coupled with a two-week General Training session focussed on Cyclone Tracking that has been issued in collaboration with the French National School of Meteorology. This general training involved permanent professors from the school for trainings on foercasting concepts, and several senior forecasters from Météo-France experts in their fields (convection, cyclone tracking,...).
All these trainings were followed by the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) of these two systems part of the Global Modernization Project of IMD core information systems (MIMOSA/VARSAMANA project) which was awarded to MFI in June 2008.

IMD inspectors, after checking TRANSMET and SYNERGIE functionnalities have approved the compliance of the systems to their requirements.

METEOREX 2008 - Souvenirs from St Petersburg
The Russian edition held in St Petersburg from November 27th to 29th at Lenexpo has been a success... Thank you for visiting us at this occasion!

Meteo France International participated to METEOREX 2008 in St Petersburg at the end of November. It was the occasion to present our latest major projects in modernization of NMSs that we conduct with India Meteorological Department and Egyptian Meteorological Agency.

We would like to warmly thank you for your kind visit on our booth and we wish to see you soon on other WMO meetings and conferences to be held in 2009.

Here are some souvenirs of METEOREX2008!

Meteo France International will exhibit at METEOREX 2008 held in Saint Petersburg (Russia) from 27 to 29 November 2008.

At this occasion we will be happy to communicate on our latest major projects of global modernization with the India Meteorological Department and the Egyptian Meteorological Agency.

Meteo France International (subsidiary of Météo-France, the French National Met Service) supplies worldwide and integrates state-of-the-art meteorological information systems.

Unique integrator for all your projects in meteorology, MFI will participate to

Saint Petersburg - Russia
Booth 216

You can find more information on MFI, all our innovative systems and our unique positionning under

See you in Saint Petersburg!

India: India Meteorological Department (IMD) launches the core project in its ambitious modernization program with strategic partner, Meteo France International (MFI)
On Monday, June 9th, 2008, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), represented by its Director General Mr. Tyagi, and Meteo France International, represented by its President Patrick Benichou, signed an outstanding two-year contract for the modernization of IMD’s core meteorological systems and services to users.

This contract falls within the framework of IMD’s overall Modernization Program.

On this occasion, Mr. Kapil Sibal, Indian Minister of State for Science and Technology, noted that this contract was the outcome of India’s initiative to choose France as their strategic partner in meteorology and to benefit from Météo-France’s expertise in the fields of forecasting, services to end-users and management of extreme weather events.


A long term partnership for building the core systems of a large-scale modernization program

A central and critical part of the India Meteorological Department’s vast modernization program, this project includes the supply and installation of state-of-the-art information systems in accordance with governmental guidelines.

Through this project, IMD aims to enhance its efficiency and visibility for end-users by improving warning systems and supplying high added-value forecasts to a wider community of users, while affirming its role at the international level.

To be implemented within a 24-month period, this contract represents the first phase in a long term partnership between IMD and MFI. Its focus will be upgrading the strategic information systems at the Delhi and Pune headquarters and the regional centers in Delhi and Kolkata.

State-of-the-art information systems

Within the scope of the project, Meteo France International will assist IMD in modernizing its core systems:

• Telecommunications (TRANSMET Automatic Message Switching System),

• Archiving and data processing system (CIPS Central Information and Processing System)

• Forecasting (SYNERGIE Expert’s tool for forecasting & alerts),

• Climatology (CLISYS Climate Data Management System),

• Public Weather Services and Early Warning Systems (METEOFACTORY® system).

An integrated project supported by cross-functional services from MFI

The key to the project’s success will be the ongoing services that MFI will provide for IMD throughout the project’s life span – such as consulting, transition support, integration, and general training.

Thousands of expert man-days will be dedicated to the project, mainly in the areas of capacity building, systems integration and change management, in order to ensure optimal transfer of knowledge and know-how from Météo-France to IMD.

Egypt: The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) will rely on METEO FRANCE INTERNATIONAL (MFI) for the development of advanced services in agro meteorology
On March 31st, 2008, MFI and the EMA signed a two-year contract for a comprehensive program to modernize meteorology in Egypt.

The signing ceremony was attended by General Shaffik, Minister of Egyptian Civil Aviation, Mrs. Anne-Marie Idrac, French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, and Mr. Philippe Coste, French Ambassador in Cairo.

The Egyptian Government has considered financial support from France. In 2007, EMA issued a call for tender requesting an integrated offer for all the infrastructure and systems needed for its modernization process. Meteo France International responded with a comprehensive proposal incorporating Météo-France’s specific know-how and other French technologies, to ensure EMA state-of-the-art architecture and meteorological solutions.

A global meteorological project to help EMA set up new service capability in the field of marine forecasting and agro meteorology

The aim of this project, called “NEMOS” (Network for Egyptian Meteorological Observations & Services), is to enhance EMA’s agro and marine services for Egyptian professional, institutional and public end-users by strengthening the relevant observation network and information systems.

The modernization of EMA’s observation and information infrastructure will involve the upgrading and networking existing automatic observation stations, the supply of additional synoptic and agro meteorological stations, and the collection of all synoptic observation data.

Other aspects of this far-reaching project will include upgrading the existing forecasting capacity for general forecasting, and setting up agro meteorology and marine forecasting workstations, the climate database and production system (CLISYS) and a dedicated Public Weather Services System through METEOFACTORY® and TV systems. Cairo Regional Meteorological Training Center will also be equipped with forecasting workstations.

MFI’s role as integrator of observation networks and information systems

In addition, the project covers the necessary professional training courses on advanced meteorological subjects – from numerical weather modeling to agro and marine meteorology and applied climatology.

Above all, the key characteristic of this project is Meteo France International’s unique role as integrator. This function will be pivotal in ensuring the Egyptian Meteorological Authority the successful integration of all individual systems – including systems and equipment from other dedicated French companies – into an efficient and comprehensive meteorological solution.

March & May 2008: WMO successfully commissioned CLISYS, SYNERGIE and METEOFACTORY® in Toulouse
Following signature on June 4th, 2007 with WMO and the UNPD (United Nations’ Program for Development) of two new contracts with MFI on behalf of Libyan National Met Center (LNMC) for the supply of climate data management systems, forecasting capability upgrading, and the development of public weather services, technical acceptance tests were held in Toulouse.

On June 4th, 2007, WMO and the UNPD (United Nations’ Program for Development) had signed two new contracts with MFI on behalf of Libyan National Met Center (LNMC) for the supply of climate data management systems, forecasting capability upgrading, and the development of public weather services.

Technical acceptance tests took place at MFI premises in Toulouse in March and May 2008, attended by the heads of LNMC and senior experts from WMO and UNPD (See picture).

As of the end of April 2008, new SYNERGIE and CLISYS stations are operationally installed and validated in Libya. The automatic end-user production system METEOFACTORY® will be installed and evaluated at LNMC in July 2008.

May 2008 – Indonesia: BMG (Indonesian Met Service) entrusts MFI with the equipment of Balikpapan airport on Borneo Island

This new contract, the ninth since MFI’s creation, attests BMG’s faith in MFI and satisfaction with the reliability and performance of our systems, and the quality of our support since our partnership began.

This project consists in the implementation of two SYNERGIE systems and the new pilot briefing system AEROMETWEB co-developed with Météo-France.

February 2008 - Tunisia: SYNERGIE will soon equip the National Institute for Meteorology (INM)

After an international call for bids, INM selected SYNERGIE as their preferred decision making tool for critical weather events. The solution offered by MFI relies on the latest SYNERGIE user/server configuration featuring an Early Warning module.

December 2007 – Bulgaria chooses SYNERGIE to improve its forecast capability

The Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) decided to improve its forecasting capabilities by acquiring the SYNERGIE forecasting system. The solution comprises one SYNERGIE server and two forecaster workstations.

October 2007 - Uganda: Meteorological radar upgrade and repair

Meteo France International was awarded Uganda’s international tender for the supply of spare parts and radar repair at Entebbe Meteorological Centre. MFI’s participation helped secure the venue for the major Commonwealth meeting in Entebbe from 23 to 25 November 2007.

June 7th, 2007 - The WMO signs with Meteo France International two new contracts to pursue the modernization of the Libyan National Meteorological Center
The long term cooperation with Libyan National Meteorological Centre (LNMC), initiated in 1999, has come to a new and significant step, through the signature on June 07th in Meteo France International premises in Toulouse of two new contracts with WMO, in presence of UNDP and LNMC high representatives.

The long term cooperation with Libyan National Meteorological Centre (LNMC), initiated in 1999, has come to a new and significant step, through the signature on June 07th in MFI premises in Toulouse of two contracts with WMO, in presence of UNDP and LNMC high representatives. The contracts have been awarded by WMO to MFI after an international tender process. They will help LNMC completing implementation of basic data processing and management sub-systems : the CLISYS climate data management system will bring a modern relational data base management system for domestic climate data, together with an open climate production environment. A remote Numerical Weather Prediction service will also be provided to LNMC, based on Aladin model run over Libya from Toulouse MF NEC supercomputer. The SYNERGIE forecasting software and hardware will be updated to the linux based Synergie 4.1 version. However, the most important system coming within the signed contracts is METEOFACTORY®, which will be used by LNMC to develop a full end-user capability in Libya. This system will help mass production and multimedia dissemination to end users. It is also noticeable that METEOFACTORY ® includes forecaster\'s expertise as input to mass production, and also the management of Early Warning Systems, based on the proven Météo-France \"Vigilance\" concept. The signed contracts correspond to the last phase of the overall Modernization Project launched by Libya together with UNDP and WMO. This now brings to 9 the number of MFI contracts for the benefit of Libyan National Meteorological Centre since 2002.

August 2006: Installation of the first METEOFACTORY®, with the 2006 DOHA Asian Games in sight!
The Global Modernization Project for the Qatar Meteorological Department signed with Meteo France International in February 2005 has just reached a new milestone.

After factory acceptance, training, and the delivery of general forecasting systems and the SYNERGIE marine forecasting system (see With you for Weather... Newsletter #2), Meteo France International has just installed and signed acceptance in August 2006 for its new solution that automatically produces meteorological information for end users, METEOFACTORY®. This exclusive solution which was developed by Meteo France International in partnership with Meteo-France will allow the Qatar Meteorological Department to provide its end users with customized meteorological information, by making high-quality graphics products available for the press, web (via dedicated intranet sites), or for display on giant screens. So that the Qatar Meteorological Department can get the most out of METEOFACTORY® and make it an effective operational production tool, Meteo France International has coached its customer and its end users through missions where their needs were benchmarked and analyzed. The high point for the Qatar Meteorological Department will be weather coverage for the 15th Doha Asian Games, from December 1 to 15, 2006. In addition to the traditional weather briefings that are provided to the organizers, the Qatar Meteorological Department will be setting up 6 giant screens (MFI\'s VISUMET technology) on the sports sites where the games will take place. These screens will be updated automatically in real-time by METEOFACTORY®, and will broadcast the weather forecast for each of the sites.

September 2006: In Toulouse, Qatar approves its new climatological data management system, CLISYS
Qatar has just put into service another item in its Global Modernization Project: its new climatological data management system.

The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority has chosen the CLISYS system, developed jointly by Meteo-France and Meteo France International, and specially adapted to the needs of Qatar. Tests, factory acceptance and training took place from September 6 to 21 in Toulouse. The acceptance report was signed by Khaled M.A.Al-Madfaa, Climatology Department Manager and MFI Project Manager, Philippe Palany. A training session was also given. This covered training on the CLISYS system and Oracle databases as well as \"professional\" climatological training provided by Denis Stuber, one of Meteo-France\'s climatology experts. Qatar is therefore the first country to take advantage of the new version 2.0 of CLISYS (see article on page nn).

Indian Ocean: Operational Warning Centers
Three of the four Meteorological Warning Centers (Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Madagascar) financed by the French government subsequent to the December 2004 tsunami are now operational.

Meteo France International, which had been placed in charge of the project, has installed the last two components of this system with TRANSMET message switchers in Kenya and in Tanzania in June 2006. These two systems were accepted and inaugurated by representatives from France in these two countries, under the watchful eye of the World Meteorological Organization (see photo). These systems are based on the know-how of Meteo-France\'s regional cyclone warning center on Reunion Island, and allow forecasts to be provided and meteorological events to be monitored, as well as relevant warnings to be prepared. They also offer the possibility to display tsunami warnings issued by the centers in Hawaii and Japan. The complete system developed by Meteo France International is based on two integrated systems: TRANSMET to exchange observational data with the WMO\'s GTS, and broadcast warnings to the authorities and media concerned; and SYNERGIE to view and analyze the data and images that are received, as well as to produce warnings. Documentation is available on request by contacting

Two customized training programs in partnership with the National School of Meteorology for the United Arab Emirates and Libya
Meteo France International conducted two training sessions in conjuction with Meteo-France\'s National School of Meteorology (ENM) for Libya\'s National Meteorological Service and the meteorological division of the United Arab Emirates\' Air Force.

The custom-developed curriculum for these training programs was defined in cooperation with the ENM to meet the special needs of the two departments, and covered themes as diverse as aeronautical meteorology, observation instruments, the use of radar in immediate forecasting, satellite meteorology, etc. The 10 weeks of training took place on ENM and MFI premises that were specially set aside for the occasion, using dedicated information systems and observation equipment. These training programs were highly appreciated by the trainees, who were not only happy with the course content, but also with the quality of the instructors and the welcome provided by MFI! A big thank you to everyone who participated directly or indirectly in this success!

January 2006 - Swaziland chooses MFI and its SYNERGIE and METEOFACTORY® solutions
The Swaziland Meteorological Service (SMS) has just confirmed its trust in Meteo France International by awarding MFI a contract relating to information systems (forecasting, message switching and forecasting) and synoptic observation.

With the opening of Sikhuphe International Airport, the Swaziland Meteorological Service (SMS) wanted to improve its forecasting infrastructure by updating its existing SYNERGIE system and message switching system (AMSS). The other goal was to obtain a genuinely automated production system in order to easily and automatically produce all the types of products requested by the various users, such as civil aviation or agriculture, among others. Already heavily involved in Swaziland with various projects, Meteo France International is now going to provide its exclusive METEOFACTORY® meteorological production system, which revolutionizes the approach of services for users. Swaziland is now part of the METEOFACTORY® user community, a community which has been growing since January 2006, when the solution was first introduced. The community now includes Qatar, Lebanon, and Indonesia, and there are others on the horizon… For additional information on METEOFACTORY® (brochure, product examples, presentation film), please contact us at: Subject: MeteoFactory.

August 2006: the Libyan National Meteorological Center (LNMC) placed an order with Meteo France International for the latest generation in the TV bulletin preparation system: TVMET WeatherOne inside
Through successive stages in partnership with Meteo France International since 2002 and continuing in the wake of its global modernization project that has been carried out with success, the Libyan Meteorological Service has just chosen our New Generation turn key solution TVMET

(system for preparing televised weather bulletins) in order to improve the quality of TV Channel\'s televised weather bulletins. \"WeatherOne inside\", this new generation of TVMET, is the result of marrying MFI\'s know how in meteorology and the latest in TV technologies provided by the Norwegian company Weather One, a leader in the market. LNMC appreciates the benefits provided by this new solution especially in terms of graphics quality (very precise map backgrounds, configurable animation, films can be inserted into the background, powerful 3D features, etc.) and the pertinence of the meteorological data (generation and updating of a dedicated database by all of the data that is available, regardless of the source). TVMET WeatherOne inside\'s highly advanced technology makes it possible to prepare all types of sequences very easily, such as real time animations of pressure fields, fronts, surface temperature and even areas of precipitation. But above all, TVMET WeatherOne inside opens the door to the creation of dynamic 3D presentations with incredibly realistic terrain models and textures.

QATAR - Qatar College
Qatar\'s National School of Civil Aviation (Qatar Aeronautical College, or QAC) has called upon MFI to set up a meteorological training structure.

The QAC is indeed, in addition to the training for all of the future Civil Aviation professionals in Qatar and the neighboring countries, is also responsible for the future training of meteorologists. MFI is creating a turn key service for the QAC in supplying equipment and systems (Automatic Station, forecasting training room (Synergie), etc.). But MFI will also provide QAC with interfacing with Qatar\'s Weather Service in order to feed pertinent products and data to the School. In addition, in cooperation with the National School of Meteorology, MFI will also provide its pedagogical engineering in order to allow the QAC to improve its meteorological training programs.

QATAR – Meteomobile, an on site meteorological assistance vehicle
In December 2006, Qatar\'s Meteorological Department has entrusted MFI with the creation of an on site meteorological assistance truck.

An innovating concept, the Meteomobile will be used to provide meteorological assistance to the various media and sports events that take place in Qatar. This vehicle is based on a 12 meter Mercedes truck, and will be equipped with an entire set of the most modern meteorological systems and equipment: automatic observation station, Retim system for receiving meteorological data, Synergie forecasting station, MeteoFactory® meteorological production system, Visumet public display screen… More information coming soon…