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Indonesia - Strengthening BMKG Climate and Weather Service Capacity


Indonesia is an archipelago composed of approximately 13000 islands, inhabited by over 240 million people.

Lying along the equator, Indonesia has a tropical climate, alternating wet and dry seasons. It is also located on the edges of the Pacific, Eurasian and Australian tectonic plates, making it a region with high seismic and volcanic activities.

This special geographical configuration, combined with the growing expectations of major economic sectors for higher-quality meteorological information, has been the soil of the Strengthening Project.


MFI intervenes on the Strengthening Project as a turnkey project integrator and is in charge of:

- Implementing a meteorological observation infrastructure in the 33 Indonesian provinces (including lightning detection network over Java island).

- Setting up state-of-the-art and integrated information systems at a central level in Jakarta, as well as in 5 Regional Centers.

- Assisting BMKG enhancing its service capacity in order to respond more efficiently to its end-users' growing expectations for personalized meteorological products. Nine major targets or economic sectors have been identified by the project: agriculture, forestry, fishery, aviation, marine, oil & gas, civil security, media, tourism.        


- Take BMKG's meteorological observation and information systems to the highest international standards and enhance its level of expertise through the transfer of know-how organized by MFI, in collaboration with Météo-France, one the most advanced national meteorological services in the world.

- Better service for Indonesian population, implying improved warning systems for greater security of people and goods, and also more accurate forecasting to facilitate everyday life activities as well as long-term national development programs.

- Valuable backup for major economic sectors as listed above. Service to end-users is one of BMKG's priorities. MFI assists the Indonesian agency developing its own service capacity to be able, in the future, to face end-users' growing expectations for accurate and customized meteorological information.


Time Frame



Head Quarters in Jakarta
5 Regional Centers (Medan, Ciputat, Denpasar, Makassar, Jayapura)

Information Systems implemented

  ObsMet - DCS (RC)

  Transmet - AMSS (HQ and RC)

  Synergie - Forecasting (HQ and RC)

  Aerometweb - Pilot Briefing (airport)

  CIPS - Data & Task center (HQ)
            Atmospheric, sea state & air quality modeling


  MeteoFactory® - PWS / EWS (HQ and RC)

  TVMet - Public Display (HQ)

Observation Systems implemented

- 66 Automatic Weather Stations (33 sites)

- Upper air + Hydrogen generators (5 sites)

- Voluntary Observing Ships (5 ships)

- Awos + wind profiler (national airport)

- Calibration equipment (RC)

- Lightning network (Java Island)


Project Design Study meeting
On-site survey
Survey VOS
Survey AWS
Factory Acceptance Test MeteoFactory
Factory Acceptance Test VOS
Factory Acceptance Test AWS
Shipment of goods from France to Indonesia
Factory training
Factory training
Factory training - certificate delivery
Factory training - certificate delivery
Change Management Mission
PWS Mission
Delivery calibration equipment
Calibration training