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Angola - Modernization Project of INAMET


In 2011, with the support of its supervisory ministry (MTTI, Ministério das Telecomunicações e Tecnologia de Informação), the Angolan National Meteorological Service INAMET published a 7-year Strategic Plan for Development ("Plano de Desenvolvimento Estrategico" - PDE). 

This PDE was approved by the Council of Ministers during summer 2013. Shortly after, MFI and INAMET signed a Memorandum of Understanding paving the way for an ambitious modernization project that would allow INAMET to reach the objectives mentioned in the PDE. End of 2014, France and Angola settled a strategic partnership to reinforce the collaboration between the two countries. This partnership included a list of development projects amongst which INAMET's modernization project appeared.

Finally, the contract between INAMET and MFI was signed in July 2017, and validated by presidential decree in April 2018. It opened the way for the realization of a first phase of the project that is expected to last for 3 years.


MFI intervenes as a turnkey project integrator and will carry out the following achievements:

- Strengthening of the national observation network with the installation of 52 automatic weather stations (synoptic, meso-scale and hydrologic), 8 AWOS (Aviation Weather Observation System), 3 upper-air stations, 1 radar and a regional lightning detection network.
- Implementation, at INAMET's headquarters, of an integrated information system matching all the needs of a modern national meteorological service in terms of telecommunications, data collection and processing, forecasting, warning and climate services.
- Development of four application projects in the following fields: agriculture, hydrology, oil exploitation and seismology.
- Full set of transversal services such as change management, system integration, specialized training of INAMET's staff, technical support over an 18-month period.


- Strengthening of the national observation network.
- Implementation of a state-of-the-art information system that will allow climate monitoring and service capacity enhancement.
- Upgrade of the level of skill of INAMET's staff (initial and ongoing training program).

For the country:
- Better protection of populations through the implementation of an integrated weather and climate warning system.
- Better prevention of floods and health crises (malaria, yellow fever).
- Assistance to the safety of offshore operations in the frame of oil exploitation.
- Improvement of transport safety (aviation, marine).
- Assistance in the development of renewable energies.
- Contribution to the national objective of food self-sufficiency through the agricultural application project.
- Contribution to the implementation of the Paris Agreement (climate monitoring, service and warning capacity).


Time Frame



INAMET's headquarters in Luanda


60 million €
Buyer credit from the Société Générale

Information Systems implemented

    OBSMET - Data Collection

    TRANSMET- Telecommunications

    SYNERGIE WEB - Forecasting

    AEROMETWEB - Pilot Briefing (10 airports)

  CIPS - Data & Task center

  CLISYS - Climatology

  METEOFACTORY® - Warning & Climate Services

  TVMet - Public Display (HQ + 3 TV channels)

    Web & App - 1 website

    Numerical model

    National Climate Center

Observation Systems implemented

- 52 Automatic Weather Stations
- 8 AWOS
- 3 Upper Air sites
- 1 Regional lightning network
- 1 Radar
- 1 Data reception system
- 1 calibration workshop

Support Services

- Project management
- Integration (turnkey approach)
- Detailed design study
- Consulting
- Training (6000 days)
- Technical support (1 year)