An Oil & Gas Company


Reliable forecasting service and meteorological assistance in order to manage your offshore operations safely and in the most efficient way.

In-situ measurements (wave height, current profile and speed, tide variation, wind speed and direction, motion, etc.) to plan and organization your offshore activities.

Specific and integrated observation and information systems in order to manage your MetOcean data efficiently.


•  MFI works in close relationship with Méteo-France's offshore teams in order to provide its customers with 24 / 7 meteorological assistance as well as ongoing forecasting services.

• In 2013, MFI took over the company Meteomer specialized in sea measurement campaigns. Buoys, tide gauges, current profilers and weather stations: MFI has all the necessary equipment to carry out
accurate measurement campaigns to improve safety during critical offshore operations.

• Based on its unique integrated weather solution expertise and its 10 years experience in modernizing national weather services around the world, MFI can
design and implement your own MetOcean Observation and Information System in order to deliver tailored weather reports to all end users (helicopter pilots, marine officers, operational staff, etc.).