MFI - METEO FRANCE INTERNATIONAL - 1st Semester 2016 Newsletter
Patrick Benichou
MFI has closed its 2015 Fiscal Year with a very symbolic event: the formal closure of our project in Indonesia was celebrated in December 2015, in Paris, during COP21. It was blessed by the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, therefore giving high visibility to the project and to MFI’s unique know-how in the fi eld of design and implementation of complex modernization projects.
In line with this event and our unique positioning, we have been working these last months on the design of a whole new graphical identity for MFI. The objective? Present to the world an image that better suits our values, our aspirations and the spirit of our company. I am happy to disclose this image in our newsletter, as well as our new logo. They convey core values that we, at MFI, try to bear and share, every day with our customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders and all other stakeholders: a worldwide and universal approach, a natural inclination for technology and innovation and last, but not least, the positive, warm and reassuring image of a partner who definitely remains…
With You for Weather
MFI and Vanuatu: a long history!
MFI and Vanuatu have a long history together since their fi rst collaboration goes 10 years back. MFI then provided observation equipment (especially for aviation meteorology) and forecasting systems (Synergie) in order to allow the country to better deal with severe weather events, the archipelago being situated in a high-risk area for tropical cyclones. Today, in cooperation with Météo-France’s regional offi ce in New-Caledonia and in the frame of a World Bank project, MFI is once again collaborating with Vanuatu’s Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department. One year after catastrophic damages caused by tropical cyclone PAM, the objective is to strengthen Vanuatu’s forecasting capacity with the supply of 2 Synergie workstations, but also improve its Early Warning capacity as well as its Public Weather Services with the implementation of a MeteoFactory® license. The project was launched in March and all systems will be operational before the end of 2016.
On March 25th, about thirty experts from Météo-France and MFI met together to participate to a seminar entirely dedicated to innovation. Structured around 4 main topics (Aviation - Climate Services - Marine - Information Systems), the workshop allowed the participants to exchange views on latest technologies and imagine how the meteorological solutions of the Météo-France Group should evolve in the near future to remain at the edge of innovation and always provide the best possible service to users’ communities.
MFI, consultant for the World Bank Group
In 2015, MFI was approached by the World Bank Group (GFDRR) in order to study ways to improve effi ciency and sustainability of NMHS modernization projects. The preliminary results of the study and recommendations for successful projects were presented by MFI’s president during the InterMet Asia international conference, held in Singapore in March, and the fi nal conclusions were given mid-April, during the “Development Partners RoundTable” organized with major donors in Geneva, in WMO headquarters. This direct solicitation from the World Bank Group is the proof that MFI currently stands out, on the international meteorological scene, as a reference in terms of successful integrated modernization projects.
Please come and visit us during the next edition of the Meteorological World Expo that will take place in Madrid from September the 27th till the 29th. Our team will be waiting for you on stand 5090!
From project design... to financing solutions
Soft loan, buyer credit, multilateral or bilateral fi nancing… these words may seem far away from the meteorological jargon, yet they are crucial for the achievement of any signifi cant project.
Over the years, MFI has built a unique expertise in terms of funding mechanisms and fi nancing solutions and proposes this very specifi c know-how to its customers in the frame of global integrated projects. MFI is in capacity to identify the best fi nancing solutions available for each specific project and can make the first contactswith potential sponsors,
banking partners or international development partners such as World Bank, GFDRR (Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery), UNDP, Green Climate Fund, etc. MFI has a specifi c know-how for the set-up of bilateral fi nancing, either through commercial credit or, in specifi c context, G2G fi nancing. For example, the modernization project of BMKG in Indonesia has been fi nanced through a loan from the French Government amounting to 30 M€.

This crucial added value, combined with MFI’s know-how in design and implementation of integrated meteorological projects, makes MFI the most relevant partner for National Hydrometeorological Services’s wishing to engage in an ambitious modernization process.
Strengthening Project - Indonesia: officially completed!
A technical challenge, a human adventure, the meeting of two cultures… The Strengthening Project, carried out by MFI for the Indonesian National Meteorological Service (BMKG) is this… and much more of course! Launched in November 2012, it was offi cially terminated last February during a ceremony organized in Jakarta and attended by representatives from Bappenas, Indonesian Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs and French authorities. The event was the opportunity for all parties to assess the successful completion of the project, three years only after its coming into force.
Today, BMKG is fi rmly engaged in a vast modernizing process of its infrastructures and organization, and visible outcomes have been delivered in the fields of meteorological observation, integrated information systems, services to users and warning capability.
The Strengthening Project stands out, on the international scene, as an exceptional example of efficient cooperation between two countries and a real step forward in the global context of fight against climate change. It was showcased in many places including COP21 meeting in Paris and Donors Conference in Geneva. Yet, as Patrick Benichou (MFI’s President) underlined during his closing speech, there is still work to be done and all teams are already thinking about the future, imagining a possible phase 2 for the Strengthening Project. Technical and human foundations have been settled, they now need to be maintained, supported and fertilized. Obviously, the story of the Strengthening Project is not yet over!
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