Turnkey Project References

MFI’s greatest turnkey modernization projects

From design to implementation, from observation systems to weather and climate service capacity enhancement, discover MFI’s unique positioning of turnkey project integrator.

In the following chart, you will find a list of our most significant projects in terms of modernizing or reinforcement of national meteorological services.

Project Description

Angola - Modernization Project of INAMET

INAMET, the Angolan National Hydrometeorological Service, has selected MFI to carry out an ambitious modernization project of its infrastructure and organization. Strengthening of the national observation network, implementation of a state-of-the-art information system and upgrade of the level of skill of INAMET's staff are amongst the main achievements expected.

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Africa - ASECNA S.A.A.P.I. Project

The ASECNA (Agence pour la Sécurité de la Navigation Aérienne en Afrique et Madagascar) is a public organization dedicated to the cooperative management and the safety of African air spaces. In 2015, it awarded MFI with a contract for the supply and the implementation of automatic solution for immediate forecasting to be implemented in 32 sites, spread out in 17 countries (main and secondary airports, as well as ASECNA's headquarters in Dakar - Sénégal and EAMAC school in Niamey - Niger).

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Indonesia - Strengthening BMKG Climate and Weather Service Capacity

Indonesia is an archipelago composed of 13000 islands. Lying along the equator, Indonesia has a tropical climate and is located on the edges of the Pacific, Eurasian and Australian tectonic plates, making it a region with high seismic and volcanic activities. Given this special configuration, a better management of meteorological information is a major concern for the country's development. In 2012, BMKG (Indonesian government agency for meteorology, climatology and geophysics) in collaboration with MFI, has launched a vast strengthening project of its meteorological infrastructures and all related information systems.

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India - Varsamana Project

The Varsamana Project falls within a wider project launched by the Meteorological Department of India (IMD) in 2006 in order to modernize itself, provide better service to Indian citizen and efficient support to all weather-sensitive economic sectors.

The Varsamana Project can be considered as the cornerstone of the IMD Modernization Program. It focuses on providing core information systems and creating a unique, integrated and state-of-the-art meteorological ecosystem.

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Cambodia - MOWRAM Radar Station & Meteorological Operation Center

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM) of Cambodia has assigned MFI to carry out a vast modernizing operation of its meteorological infrastructures in order to bring the organization to international standards in terms of observation, data processing, climatology, forecasting and service delivery to end-users.